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Q. How is Brainiac different from a learning center?
A. You don’t have to drive anywhere. Our tutors come to your home or office. The tutoring session format we primarily use is the one-on-one method along with the twelve steps tutoring cycle. Your child will receive personal attention and feedback from a Team Brainiac tutor during and after each session.


Q. Do you charge for cancelled or missed sessions?

A. No. We recommend that you reschedule cancelled sessions as soon as possible with the assigned tutor(s). 

Q. Is my tutor qualified?
A. Our tutors are certified teachers and/or professionals with degrees. They have teaching and/or tutoring experience in various subject areas and go through a screening process.


Q. What curriculum do you use?
A. Our tutors follow the curriculum your child is utilizing at school, whenever possible.


Q. Will your tutor work with my child’s teacher(s)?
A. Yes, at your initial free consultation, we will ask you to sign a form allowing permission to contact your child’s teacher(s).  However, we encourage the responsible adult person to communicate with the teacher(s) weekly to monitor the progress of his/her child. 

Q. What if my child doesn’t like the tutor?
A. We understand that your child needs to be comfortable with his or her tutor in order for effective learning to take place. Therefore, we will refer you to another tutor when requested (based on availability).


Q. How long will it take to refer a tutor?
A. It usually takes at least 48 hours to match your child with a tutor (based on availability and receipt of payment).  In most situations, the tutor will contact you to schedule an appointment within 24 hours after he or she is in receipt of your request.

Q. Do you tutor adult learners for the GED or other tutorial services?
A. Yes,  the adult learner is currently enrolled in an accredited testing center school or online district-approved program at a slightly higher rate.




Q. Can you test my child?
A. Brainiac's grade-level online or paper assessment is given during the consultation for a nominal fee. The assessment is an educational tool utilized to find the appropriate tutor for your child, as well as which concepts will require reinforcement to prepare your child for grade-level assignments.


Q. What is the minimum number of sessions per month for standard/basic tutoring?
A. We recommend a minimum of five sessions per child. It usually takes that amount of time to see a measurable difference in your child’s classroom assignments and grades. In addition, some children will improve with ten or more sessions per month depending on their learning levels.

Q. How many sessions do you recommend per month for ACT or SAT tutoring?

A. We recommend purchasing at least 8 -10 sessions to prepare you or your child for taking standardized tests. It is best to purchase one of our package deals for specialty services such as standardized test preparation (ACT or SAT). If you prefer less than 5 sessions per month or you prefer not to purchase a package deal, you have the option of selecting our pay-as-you-go plan at a slightly higher rate. Please note that our specialty tutors will provide an assessment, a plan of action and practice tests for ACT and SAT prep.  

Q. Can you help me with home-schooling?
A. We have tutors experienced in home-schooling at a slightly higher rate if your child is not attending some classes in a school building.


Q. Can you help my child online with homework?

A. Yes, we are offering online tutoring via our educational portal or Skype worldwide during Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Central Standard Time (CST) at a slightly higher rate for all core subjects. We only recommend online tutoring for older children or college students.

Q. What about tutoring for small groups?
A. Yes, we can provide tutorial services to small groups at local schools with proper authorization or the home of one of the students in the group.

Q. Can I have my child tutored somewhere other than in my home?
A. Yes, our tutors are able to meet you at a local public library or even at your child’s school. However, tutoring generally takes place in the home.

Q. How do you monitor my child’s progress?
A. Our tutors will give you feedback after each session. Also, they may ask you to contact your child’s teacher(s) to determine whether the assessment/educational goals are being met.


Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. No, we will be asked to sign an agreement that will explain our policies and payment methods at the free consultation. 



Q. How do I get started?
A. Complete the form on the Contact Us page or
call 800-428-9020 or email us at brainiactutoring2006 @brainiactutor.com with your tutorial service request. You also can book a session request via our Book-A-Session feature. Please note that your child should be available to answer some questions during the free consultation. Also, we will need to view your child's most recent progress report with grades/report card and/or review any notes from the teacher(s).


Prior to the first tutorial session, if an assessment (paper form or online) was administered at the consultation, you will need to schedule another appointment to sign the Individual Service Plan (ISP) that outlines the assessment results and goals for your child to accomplish during tutorial sessions.


Thereafter, a tutor will contact you within 24 hours after accepting the referral. However, it could

take at least a week to secure a tutor for special requests.

You will set your tutoring schedule directly with the tutor and solely communicate with the tutor to schedule sessions. Please note that all communications regarding account issues, credit adjustments and/or deactivating your or your child's account should be emailed to the office. 


Q.  Can I book my child's tutoring sessions online?
A. Yes, you can use our Book-A-Session request feature. It takes less than 5 minutes to book sessions online


Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes. We have several payment methods available. You may pay online with most major

credit cards, as well as electronic checks through our website via PayPal. We accept verified bank

drafts as well. 


Q. What areas do you serve in Michigan and/or other countries?
A. We are serving students throughout the state of Michigan either in-home or online, depending  on location. Also, we are offering online tutorial services to students out-of-state and some foreign countries based on EST or CST. We are now offering in-home tutoring services to families living in parts of Indiana.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee of tutorial services and/or refunds?
A. We guarantee that your tutor is qualified and pre-screened. We do not guarantee that your child will receive certain grades and/or test scores. We do have a refund policy. Click Terms of Use for more Information regarding guarantees and/or refunds.

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